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Embodied Dance Teacher training Certification

If you’d like to become the expert in your own niche, create life on your own terms, become the leader you didn’t find with the support of a global community of healers and artists, this is for you.


If you are a dancer, dance teacher or healing practitioner who is ready to make an impact and income from your soul work helping people connect and express authentically through the body, I’d love to work with you!

Embodied Dance Teacher Training Testimonials

"It is not a ONLY a training, it’s not ONLY a course.

It’s a deep transformative process, with a 1:1 support of Allison, which is invaluable.

You receive information and experiences of different techniques you may never have heard of, and which have a massive impact on your attitude of being a dance teacher.

As you understand your own inner processes deeper and deeper, and apply the new tools you’ve learned, you will be able to provide dramatically different qualities for your dance students.

Even if you are only considering starting this career- as I did at the beginning – you will be able to take the quantum leap of offering your classes – as I did – with proper skills and from the bottom of your heart.

Oh… and not to forget: the weekly encounters with our group are really one of the highlight points of my week…"

-A.B. Embodied Dance Teacher in Training  (Hungary)

“When I began the Embodied Dance Teacher Training Program, I was looking for a sanctuary. I needed a safe space to deepen a connection with my body and experiences, so I could more openly share my love with the world as a teacher. Not only did I discover a whole new realm of freedom and safety within myself, I found a home filled with lovely souls to support me along the way. After a few classes, I was joyfully sharing with my local friends about the deep connections I had recently made with people from all across the world through the teacher training. The welcoming learning environment encouraged me to share my own voice more courageously in all aspects of my life. I am growing as a leader more and more every day with the support of Allison and her work as well as my peers. I am grateful to be a part of such an amazing experience and I would recommend the teacher training to anyone looking to learn and connect in a loving, conscious environment”

-P.J.- Embodied dance Teacher in Training (Texas, US)

When I signed up for the Embodied Dance Teacher Certification program, I was in an uncertain phase of life. I had many questions burning within me, but few answers were clear. Something bigger than myself compelled me to enroll in Allison’s program - even though at the time, I could not really understand why. As the weeks of the program passed, and the magic of this sacred body of work began to reveal itself. I felt a powerful process starting to rise up from deep inside my soul. I began to know that I was called here for a purpose. As I allowed myself to trust, lean in, and receive the teachings, events that I could not have foreseen unfolded. Much like the blossoming of a flower, I felt myself becoming a more empowered version of me.

 With each meditation, lesson, journal prompt, and movement exercise, I became more grounded, more courageous, more authentic, more trusting. I was able to show up with love and self-compassion for the fragmented parts within me that longed to be healed. I learned to hold space for pain, rather than try to fix it. I learned what it means to truly honor my body, the sacred vessel I was blessed with to carry my soul within it. I learned to connect with the elements, the senses. I learned the lessons of language, both inward and outward. 

I am learning more than I can list here. As I embrace the wisdom of the lessons, I feel a massive shift taking place.  I meditated on what I had learned thus far, and watched my soul give birth to a healing workshop called Body Vessel. A short while later, through a magnificent chain of events, I was offered an incredible opportunity to co-lead a women's retreat on this topic. To me, that is clear Divine providence.  It’s an honor and privilege to share what I have learned from Allison’s work as well as my life experience.

What I know to be true: Embodiment is a way of living. It’s a way to keep coming back into the body, back to my sacred home. When I give myself to this work,  I get to examine the stories that have been stored deep inside my body. Stories that run my operating program. I discover that I have been blessed with a superpower to rewrite the stories, and design ones that weave together a beautiful life journey full of hope and meaning through the struggles. We all have this superpower because we are all divine beings having a human experience. We don’t need to stay stuck. We can choose to believe in ourselves and all that we have to share. I am incredibly thankful to be a student of Allison Pagano, a most remarkable teacher of this work. Her method of teaching is much like the dance of life…mystical, resonant, graceful…rich with Truth. Allison is a beam of light and her gifts are extraordinary. Through having found this tribe, I will forever be a student of this magnificent journey known as Embodiment. 

-M.O. - Embodied Dance Teacher in Training (N.Y. USA)

embody your dance
1:1 Mentorship


This is a 12 week 1:1 Mentorship that INCLUDES lifetime access to the EMBODY YOUR DANCE COURSE

 I walk you home to your body through the chakra system, but this is no ordinary chakra class. This is a deepening pra tice of unwinding all your old stories that are keeping you limited and disconnected from yourself anf others.

In this ocourse, we reclaim your realtionship to the earth, your close friends and family, your power, your heart, your truth, your intuition and spirit.

This is for you if you feel stuck, not good enough, disconnected from the body and out of touch with your authentic truth, presence and expression. You are on a path of leadership and healing, but need the inside power to get there.

We deep dive into chakras and body language, layer by layer and lovingly uncover the thoughts and emotions keeping you stuck and then DANCE them free into a new expression with lasting results!!

Using a combination of energy modalities and body language self study and dance, we shed old skin, layer by layer and birth something new, that reflects more of our true selves.

We support our new selves with authentic empowerment designed to awaken you to dormant parts of yourself so that you can shine and embody the leadership you are meant to. (This looks like self love, self trust and moving from the heart, not the head). Creating new routines and rituals that uniquely serve and inspire you to step into what is most meant for you at this time.


"Before I began this course, I was in a place of discord between myself and my surroundings. I knew inside that I needed help transforming. I knew I had so much to offer, but was stuck and knew that I was in the way of myself.  I needed an extra push to get myself in the right direction.


The course material helped me see exactly what I was feeling and needing to hear, see and embody. The private sessions helped me sit with my personal blocks. I learned how to not brush them away, but to look at them in a deeper sense and move forward. Allisons’ meditations and transmissions truly take you to another level of healing. 


My greatest breakthrough from this is shifting the way I think about myself, knowing that I am smart and empowered to trust myself. 


I would most definitely recommend this course to people who are willing to discover themselves on a deeper level. You have to be ready to take that leap of faith to uncover your personal veil. This is the course you need when you feel like something is missing. If you dive into the work you will get the results you didn't even know you needed" 

-Anastasia, dancer and business owner, NY

Impact to Income 1:1 Mentorship

impact to income:
Online Course with 1:1 Mentorship

Do you wish to make an impact and income from your life's work as an artist or educator but struggle with not having the structure or support that shows you how?

Do you have a Renaissance approach to your work/ multifaceted interest in mind body wisdom, but feel like an impostor in a sea of pretty images and fake influencers?

Do you have sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back that you haven't been able to shake?

This short course will give you the ability to clear your blocks while carving your strategic path so you can make a living from your souls work!


This is a NINE MODULE COURSE that you can work at your own pace and have lifetime access to.


The final week, you will meet with Allison on a 1:1 call to complete answering your questions and support you with your next steps.


Here's what we cover:


Crafting  and honing the pieces of your unique soul work.

Identifying what’s standing in the way and clearing it!

Letting go of the unconscious story or baggage preventing you from committing to you! Understanding the story and values that make you unique and an expert in what you do.


Discover your niche. Create your offer. Discover who your perfect students/clients are and why YOU are the one to serve them. Detail and map out a unique signature offer that offers the best of what you do that serves their needs.

Find the people who are looking for YOU!

The simplest and most effective MARKETING STRATEGIES and creating compelling content. Finding your dream clients online without spending a cent.

 Cleaning up daily habits/self sabotage, identifying pitfalls, managing time. Mapping your income goals and creating the strategy to achieve it! In this class, we pull out any remaining self sabotage so that you can be fierce and fearless as you strategically move towards your goals of impact and income!

Healing Abundance blocks and MUCH MORE.

Learn more through the link below!


Dance with me!

| online|

Open level Contemporary Modern dance

WednesdayS 6:30pm-7:45pm EST/

Thursdays 10:30am Sydney

Connect to self and a welcoming community of like minded souls!

Expressive, mindful contemporary modern dance technique class

that supports and encourages you to deepen your artistic expression

while practicing emotion filled, injury free dancing.

We explore floor work, new range of motion and expression.

Dancers are encouraged to work at their own pace and find their

authentic connection to music, movement and choreography.

We use Embodied dance principles of working with ELEMENTS, archetypes as well as personal and collective story in a relaxed, judgement free space.

All levels welcome!



embodied dance performance



"Allison’s work—class, performance, or connection call—has a way of being unfailingly in sync with people and where they are in their lives. She won’t stop at seeing you (accurately), but will take you seven steps deeper into who you are and what you need out of your life.

Embody Your Dance felt to me like a gentle emotional bootcamp. I have had a conscious, self-reflective healing practice for eight years now, and this course gave me a map, a community, and a million “you too???” moments. Breakthroughs came frequently and with more clarity than ever, and since I believe in honesty, vulnerability, and building community, I’ll share three of the major ones: 

1. A strong commitment to speaking my Truth

2. The courage to be who I am at all times

3. The belief that I am worthy of receiving as I am, rather than in exchange for self-sacrifice 

Throughout those weeks, I managed to manifest an apartment, a job, familiars, and gain real support and insight for the long run while making beautiful connections. Highly recommend any class with this brilliant light worker!"!


-Patricia, N.Y.


"I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to feel more at home in their body, more able to tune in to their intuition or anyone who senses that body connection is the way back to self.

I’m moving forward with clear methods (a daily ritual) to balance and restore my energy, resulting in a strong foundation for growth, action and creativity.


I now understand the need to carefully notice the messages my body is sending me, and crucially, how to work with them to unlock wisdom.

My intuitive self is revived"

-Bryony, U.K.

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