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Are you a dancer or dance teacher who is ready to make an impact and income

from your soul workhelping people connect and express authentically through the body?

The Embodied Dance Teacher Training Certification is for the highly sensitive, quiet rebels of

the dance world who have always wished there was a more holistic approach to

dance training and performance, but don't feel called to traditional 'dance therapy'


This is a 9 month online teaching immersion with a 5 day in person retreat.

We meet once per week via zoom (three times per month) and

I guide you 1:1 once per month so that you can articulate and grow your

unique business as a teaching artist through Embodied Dance!

Each month you will cultivate your individual magic and learn how to work with dancers

in a way that uses movement to deeply heal themselves and the audiences they perform for.


Module 1: Energy Systems and Embodied Anatomy

Module 2: Energy Systems and Embodied Anatomy Cont’d

Module 3: Body Language and Limiting Beliefs (Collard Method)

Module 4: Communication and Student Learning Styles (Influences from Simonson Method and Collard Method) & Your Embodied Leadership: teacher/ student relationships/ boundaries/ safe space

Module 5: World Dance Forms and influences of modern day styles

Module 6: Embodied Identity- crafting your genre/style

Module 7: Themes and Music to enhance your work

Module 8: Creating Personal Choreographies (Embodied Dance signature method)

Module 9: Creating Group Choreographies

Embodied Dance RETREAT- TBA

5 days of dance class, practice teaching, Final Projects & Marketing and Business for entrepreneurs/educators

Daily sample schedule:


Dance class 9-10:30

Break 15 min

Practice Teaching OR Marketing and Business 10:45-12pm

Lunch and Free time 12-5pm (our retreat will be in a beautiful place you will want to adventure and explore)

5pm- 6pm Showings of final project work/group support/discussion 

Dinner and evening relaxation or celebration- (different each night) 

yoga, massage, energy healing, group shares, dance party

While enrolled in the Embodied Dance teacher Training, live and online dance classes with Allison are INCLUDED!



Our next program starts October 2021!

Apply now for a special offer!

Set up a call to see if this program is a good fit for you: 


9 week live online course 

embody your dance

9 weeks to Healing Expression and Authentic Embodiment


(Next course runs January 2022)

“When you change the relationship with yourself, every relationship you have changes.

When we recognize and release what’s limiting us in body and mind, we are free” (AP)

This is for you if you feel stuck, not good enough, disconnected from the body and out of touch with your authentic truth, presence and expression... You are on a path of leadership and need the inside power to get there.

We deep dive into chakras and body language, layer by layer and lovingly uncover the thoughts and emotions keeping you stuck and then DANCE them free into a new expression with lasting results!!

Using a combination of energy modalities and body language self study and dance, we shed old skin, layer by layer and birth something new, that reflects more of our true selves.

We support our new selves with authentic empowerment designed to awaken you to dormant parts of yourself so that you can shine and embody the leadership you are meant to. (This looks like self love, self trust and moving from the heart, not the head). Creating new routines and rituals that uniquely serve and inspire you to step into what is most meant for you at this time.

During the 9 weeks you have the option to develop a personal choreography- using choreography as a healing tool to rewire your expression, sense of empowerment and movement qualities from the inside out


Who it's for:

Anyone feeling stuck, disconnected, disempowered in relationship to their body who is looking to experience more focused energy, freedom, intimacy and power in their expression. It is for healers who are looking to deepen and explore their own healing process and receive new tools in serving their clients, dancers looking to improve performance quality and  authentic expression and anyone on the mind-body path who is wanting more intimacy, self trust, freedom and authentic power in how they show up in the world, in their work and relationships.


More freedom and ease in the body, deepened connection to intimacy, better understanding and boundaries in relationships, clearer focus, building leadership skills, unshakable confidence, overcoming the fear of not being good enough and new goals to get you moving out of a rut.

This is for you if you want a deepened relationship with your body, a lifetime of tools for your healing empowerment.

Our weekly 90 min class connects you to a community with like minded visionaries on parallel journeys towards authenticity and empowerment and personal growth. 

What we cover: 

1. An embodied movement journey through our energy system (via the chakras). A comprehensive training and set of tools based on twenty years of bodywork, reiki, yoga, shamanism, dancing and exploring the mind body connection through the healing arts.

You will uncover and discover your personal energy strengths and blocks while receiving personal support to transform and empower yourself each step of the way, so that you can release what's stuck and find greater freedom from the inside out.

2. Simplified approach to understanding body language. Where we hold stuck energy and how it’s getting in our way providing a lifelong system to recognize and move with it when it arises.

3. Limiting Beliefs- What they are and how to work with and through them.

4. Self love, self trust and authentic empowerment- creating your unique pathway and plan through exploring your set of goals, rituals and new habits that form as a result of your experience.

5. Personalized coaching support that gives significant results particular to your goals- including creating a personal choreography that is intended to balance your particular body and energy system, providing a healing transformative experience.

6. Mapping a personalized higher timeline. You will create a unique systemized approach to anchoring in a new higher reality based on what you uncover and claim throughout the weeks of the course.

How the course runs / What you get:

Seven, 90 minute group calls. An hour of meditation, journeying, journaling and discussion followed by 30 minutes of an embodied movement exploration that is personal to you and the group. Recorded and sent if you can’t make it live.

Each class includes: Channeled Meditations and archetypal embodiment with deep dives into each energetic center/ chakra. You receive facilitator support as well as opportunities to connect privately with group members. The 9 week group container is a catalytic tool to support your quickest, most easeful energetic transformation.

Two private sessions during weeks 4 and 9. During the course, you will receive uniquely personalized support to help you restructure your movement habits from the inside out as well as guidance to clear and heal any issues that arise in your body through deeper methods such as inner child reclamation and/or soul retrieval. These sessions can also be used to create a ‘personal choreography’ (Embodied Dance signature method) which balances and transforms patterns and stuckness into deeper states of intimacy, freedom and aliveness.

Workbook Material each week for your personal practice, discovery and embodiment that allow you to work deeply with your energetic system, archetypal energy and clear out the beliefs that are preventing you from being in your full truth and alignment.


Next Course starts January 2022

Send a message for early bird sign up ($111 off) for this program:





                                                                      past participant results:



Before I began this course, I was in a place of discord between myself and my surroundings. I knew inside that I needed help transforming. I knew I had so much to offer, but was stuck and knew that I was in the way of myself.  I needed an extra push to get myself in the right direction.


The course material helped me see exactly what I was feeling and needing to hear, see and embody. The private sessions helped me sit with my personal blocks. I learned how to not brush them away, but to look at them in a deeper sense and move forward. Allisons’ meditations and transmissions truly take you to another level of healing. 


My greatest breakthrough from this is shifting the way I think about myself, knowing that I am smart and empowered to trust myself. 


I would most definitely recommend this course to people who are willing to discover themselves on a deeper level. You have to be ready to take that leap of faith to uncover your personal veil. This is the course you need when you feel like something is missing. If you dive into the work you will get the results you didn't even know you needed. 

Anastasia - dancer and business owner, NY


Allison’s work—class, performance, or connection call—has a way of being unfailingly in sync with people and where they are in their lives. She won’t stop at seeing you (accurately), but will take you seven steps deeper into who you are and what you need out of your life.

Embody Your Dance felt to me like a gentle emotional bootcamp. I have had a conscious, self-reflective healing practice for eight years now, and this course gave me a map, a community, and a million “you too???” moments. Breakthroughs came frequently and with more clarity than ever, and since I believe in honesty, vulnerability, and building community, I’ll share three of the major ones: 

1. A strong commitment to speaking my Truth

2. The courage to be who I am at all times

3. The belief that I am worthy of receiving as I am, rather than in exchange for self-sacrifice 

Throughout those weeks, I managed to manifest an apartment, a job, familiars, and gain real support and insight for the long run while making beautiful connections. Highly recommend any class with this brilliant light worker!!



4 month 1:1

Personal and Professional

Development Coaching Package

Alignment Precedes Action

Clarity Gives Confidence

Committed Action Creates Your Future!

This is for the wellness practitioner/ healing artist and/or dance artist who needs the powerful container of 1:1 coaching to uplevel their work, birth a brand or achieve the next level in transformation.

If you are ready to birth an artistic, wellness soul based business, this will get you there!


How is this different from regular 1:1 coaching programs?

We work on both the STRUCTURE and well as the FLOW of your business, life etc… (Essentially, the masculine and feminine balance or the inner and outer approach). The program involves deep personal healing through inner child work and soul reclamation coupled with the Strategies needed to make a complete success. Without both, sabotage is inevitable.


These are highly intuitive, custom tailored, one of a kind programs.

I work at a rapid speed and you will have results from meeting our first meeting. 

This is quantum somatic work!


There is no one size fits all when it comes to your unique journey and needs. We co create a specific week by week plan that serves your business goals and/or personal goals as well as clearing the inner blocks to progress. This gives you the tools to create the emotional, mental and spiritually rich plan and support you need so that you feel balanced and thriving from our first session. 


This is for you if you are needing a highly unique, personalized plan to reach your goals and are committed to experiencing a life of radical empowerment and deep self trust. Through coaching and if desired, dance- we journey together for 4 months to recreate and reestablish a new life that supports a life that is alive and thriving- in every essence of the word.

Create, plan and implement a thriving soul operated business that helps you reach both

Impact and income. I custom tailor and organize a week to week approach to support an individual meeting their specific goals. 

If you’d like to learn more about the 1:1 program and see if it’s a good fit for you,

schedule a call here:

Testimonials for 1:1 program:



I decided to join Allison’s 1:1 program because I felt a strong resonance with her articulations on the world & and what is needed at this time from healers & creatives. I was drawn to her bright, empowering energy. At the time in my life, I felt called to share my work in a new way and was craving support & guidance to get it going. What I enjoyed most about working with Allison was her precisely intuitive understanding of what to guide me through during each session. She always knew exactly what I needed & could guide me to discovering the answers within myself. She helped me understand the worth of my work & how to repeatedly affirm that to myself, believing it from a deep instinctual place. There were so many times when I would wonder “how did we get here?” after a deep meditative journey into what had me stuck or was holding me back. We would drop in so deep and I would encounter elements of myself that completely surprised me. It made me aware that a feeling can be traced to a specific place in the body which can be traced even further to a memory or a story embedded from long, long ago. I would recommend working with Allison if you are feeling stuck, confused, or uncertain on how to best offer your work  to the world. She will help you develop a concrete plan while energetically clearing blocks along the way. Allison is absolutely incredible & can help you in miraculous ways


Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 5.22_edited.png

I would recommend the 1:1 program to people that have all the knowledge, but feel too anxious and/or awkward to put themselves out there.

I now have a platform where I can share my perspective and gain clients. I also have a renewed confidence in my gifts and abilities. I have more understanding about how to practically apply this knowledge to my soul centered business and make an income from it.


Receiving Allison’s encouragement gave me the confidence boost I needed to progressively move past my patterns and ground myself, so I could be of service. She provided some accountability for me as well to be more on top of my game.

I've now developed the inner strength to face my challenges, instead of run from them


impact to income

5 week course

Do you wish to make an impact and income from your life's work as an artist or educator but struggle with

not having the structure or support that shows you how?

Do you have a Renaissance approach to your work/ multifaceted interest in mind body wisdom,

but feel like an impostor in a sea of pretty images and fake influencers?


Do you have sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back that you haven't been able to shake?

This short course will give you the ability to clear your blocks while carving your strategic path

so you can make a living from your souls work!


Here's what we cover:


Week 1- Crafting  and honing the pieces of your unique soul work.

Identifying what’s standing in the way and clearing it!

Letting go of the unconscious story or baggage preventing you from committing to you!

Understanding the story and values that make you unique and an expert in what you do.


Week 2- Discover your niche. Create your offer. Discover who your perfect students/clients are and why YOU are the one to serve them. Detail and map out a unique signature offer that offers the best of what you do that serves their needs.


Week 3- The simplest and most effective MARKETING STRATEGIES and creating compelling content.

Finding your dream clients online without spending a cent.

Week 4- Cleaning up daily habits/self sabotage, identifying pitfalls, managing time.

Mapping your income goals and creating the strategy to achieve it! In this class, we pull out any remaining self sabotage

so that you can be fierce and fearless as you strategically move towards your goals of impact and income!

Week 5- 1:1 Call with Allison to support your process and give you the extra tools to get started asap! This personal session allows us to go deeper in providing specific support so that you have everything you need to implement what has been created.

Send a message for more info on next course start date:



Dance with me!

| on Zoom or in person |

Open level Contemporary Modern dance 

“Expressive, mindful contemporary modern dance technique class

that supports and encourages you to deepen your artistic expression

while practicing emotion filled, injury free dancing.

We explore floor work, new range of motion and expression.

Dancers are encouraged to work at their own pace and find their

authentic connection to music, movement and choreography".

Weekly class in Nyack, NY

Wednesday 6pm

85 Piermont Ave, Nyack, NY

To get up to date information on workshops and classes, sign up here:




6-12 Week

Personal Transformation Choreography Workshop

Embodied Dance signature work

(waiting list only)


Creating personal choreographies is the Signature program of Embodied Dance. This work was first crafted in Australia in 1999 and has grown into a full program of transformational somatic healing.

This is for anyone looking for 1:1 support in using movement to uncover new possibilities, strengthen performance qualities and find their authentic truth and expression in both dance and life!


We journey together for 6-12 weeks to unify heart, mind and body, weaving your stories into a dance that supports you reclaiming parts of yourself and releasing what’s no longer needed. We use the choreography as a healing tool to restructure your movement patterns from the inside out. Each week a new layer is seen, heard, experienced, released and DANCED. Weaving a collective movement piece that is the signature of the individual and can continue to serve them as a movement prescription, when they are stuck or transitioning. Performance or filming of the work is encouraged, but optional. Equally for trained dancers and those new to movement.

We work through the keys of:

  • Where stuck emotions and stories are hidden in your cellular memory

  • Inner child and soul retrieval methods

  • Limiting beliefs/ body language cues

  • Chakra balance and integration

  • Personal Boundaries 

  • Accessing your personal power and rewriting your future

  • Being seen and allowing new layers of authentic expression to emerge

The 6 week program is for anyone on a transformative journey of taking back their power, who wants to refine and enhance movement qualities for more authentic expression and intimacy. They ideally have a comfort level with their body and are involved in other healing modalities.


The 12 week program is for anyone who is in a life transition of values, identity and restructuring. This program is a deeper container to reset old patterns and rewire a new level of being in their life, work and relationships.

”I am reminded that to create means to heal by honoring the wound from within and acknowledging the pain of having lived through it. It means having the determination to be uncertain about the result and claim the transformation that is choosing you. It means becoming more real to you than ever before. It means leaving who used to be behind. It means shedding the old skin and dying to know who you once were. It means facing the unknown within yourself. It means trusting yourself. It means feeling the discomfort of failure and shame. It means rising above the small stories you tell yourself. It means being of service to that part of you that knows there’s more. It means stepping into the fullness of possibility and not knowing what that looks like. It means believing in yourself without proof or approval. It means opening up to the life-force that wants to move through you. It means letting go into the unspeakable presence of new places within yourself. It means facing fear. It means transformation. It means owning your power. It means stepping into something far greater and more beautiful than you could’ve ever imagined.” (A.F PersonalChoreography client)


“You have noted that I no longer "hold back" in dance class and I feel this was very true of my experience in this session and afterwards. I was inspired to listen to more music, and to unearth movements that I was curious about but never "dared" try on! This felt very freeing and allowed me to explore my natural rhythms. I have also become more conscious of when I contract, pull in, or shrink in my day-to-day life. I also felt intimidated by the idea of "performance"...or maybe the word itself has always had a negative meaning for me. I have never put the idea of authenticity and performance together!... I started to feel that I could perform without feigning perform for myself, and to be as though by myself while in an observer's presence. I feel this has deep consequences and inspires more trust in my abilities to move and to express myself.. (V.K. Personal Choreography client)

Send a message to learn more & reserve your spot: